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Aion News & Events
Aion News

Aion:Customer feedback starting!

To express our thankful to customers great support during the last 1 year,we are now offer bonus as a feedback .10% bonus you will get when buying more than 10M,no matter if you are a returning custom..


Aion:Server Merged.Price Replaced

As we all know , aion merged some servers up yesterday. Meanwhile , we changed the information on our site for aion , including the price . Price was droped ,and stock is still enough .In view of this..


Props distribution in Aion

Hello players, glad to meet you in Goldicq!Next we will provide some details gotten from other websites about props distribution in Aion that I got it from other websites!Actually, the player can use ..


Some tricks to flight and combat for Aion

Hello players, glad to see you in Goldicq!Here we would introduce some useful details gotten from other websites about Aion, today we will mainly talk some tricks to flight and combat. You can read th..


Learn from playing the beta in Aion

Hello players, welcome to come to Goldicq!Next we would introduce some things that you can learn from when playing the beta in Aion, you can read the following lists given by Shoshi and get the necess..


Guide for Aion Armor

Dear players , Glad to see you inGoldicq . Hope you have a wonderful time on our website !Here is the guide for Armor in Aion , I collected this article from other site , If you are interested in it ,..


General Rule for Cleric of Aion

Welcome to Our website, wish you have a good time here !Here are some general rules for cleric when facing opponent in Aion . When you are fighting on 1 on 1, keep distance. Use the Smite - Thunderbol..


Things That Aion Rangers should Know

Dear palyers ,nice meeting you in Our website!If you are interested in this topic , you can also post your ideas in our comment and share with us . Here we are talking about something useful or import..


Tips on Abyss PVP in Aion

Aion , the information is given by MidnightTempest . Please have a look and have a good time here !2. A common mistake that many newbies make is to drink HP ( buy with aion kina ) potion only when the..


A Good Review on Aion

Aion for quite a long time and they have got some reviews on this game , the following points are listed by xblade724 , please read and see what does he think of this game :aion kinavery cool, hanging..


Guide for Aion Seraphim

Aion as guardians , and then they were divided into Seraphim (Elyos), and Shedim (Asmodian) Lords. This time we will talk about Lords of the Elyos : Seraphim . I took this message from Aion wiki . Hop..


Introduction for The Asmodian in Aion

Aion were as one, we were united as brothers. We looked the same, we had the same ideals and we shared a common purpose, to protect the Tower of Eternity in Aion . When they failed, they destroyed eve..


Making Macro in Aion

Aion , so it is very useful for players to make a macro . But how to make it ? please read the following steps , hope it will do you a favor !/delay 2/Skill Pick up Item/delay 0.5Idk why. But with lon..


Aion Crafting Guide

Aion are basically the same, but make different things with different materials. They are:aion kina is actually a lot more interesting than in most games. When crafting, you get a double-barred window..


Aion The Asmodian Ascension Quest

Aion , though the path itself can be hard and somewhat mystifying. As you reach level 9 you discover that you must find the Asmodian known as Munin, who has been detained deep within the Ishalgen Pris..


Aion Tips for Crafting

Aion , hope it helps and wish you like ... Have a good time in our website !aion kina, for the price in our website is very cheap and the delivery is also quite fast and safe . Come and have a look !


Aion Weapon Guide

Aion ? You will get it after reading the following guide ...OHSW -normal damage and attack speed, and equip shield meanwhile, it fits many classes.Mace - normal damage and attack speed, good at magic ..


Aion Class Guide

Aion offers a choice of four classes for starting players, who then at level 10 advance to two further specialized classes. Here is the introduction about them , please read it on ...A Gladiator lives..


Aion Faction Guide

Aion , if you want to start this game youd better read this guide first , and then choose a faction you want to play .aion kina, while the Asmodians, cast into darkness by the Epic Cataclysm, are seen..


Aion Skills and Equipment

Hello players , nice to see you !I collect some information of Aion from a forum , hope it will be useful for you and wish you like .Now please reading ...To start with skills, I will begin by saying ..


Aion interview explores aerial combat

Aions most touted features is its aerial combat, with the games own website challenging us to abandon our limited two-dimensional thinking to make way for the future. Were not alone in wanting to know..


Aion: Tower Of Eternity - Open Beta Experience

Aion as its similarities with WoW, such as with Final Fantasy, and may overpass them, and the most features of the game its most new and inovating.Aion Goldgrinding, is essential about quests, at leas..


Aion: Interview with Aion Community Manager

Aion Community manager,has released an interview about the details of MMORPG Aion Gold.3. About Crest customization, there will be a customization for title in the Legion too? (like the top 10 guilds ..


Aion Japan Will Start Service From The Summer of 2009

Aion will star its service since the summer of 2009!Aion Goldinto Japan has become extraordinary significance. In the end is Japan a true MMORPG desert or not, lets wait for Aion Goldto answer it.Aion..


Aion: Concurrent Players Exceeded 100,000 On The Very Day

Aion: The Tower of Eternity, a highly anticipated MMORPG developed by NCsoft launched Open Beta in the early morning of November 11th, 2008 local time in South Korea, and the concurrent players exceed..


2% - 3% Bonus For EveryOne!

To thank for the long time support provided by you, our dear customers, We started a sales promotion from 23th Dec to 3rd Jan,2009.Every customer can ask for 2%-3% extra bonus for every purchase durin..


Aion: Questions & Answers from Two Beta Players

What do you think of Aion so far, compared to WoW, FFXI, or L2?Irisviel: Aion is pretty similar to WoW, not a grind fest game like Lineage 2. I am not sure about FF11 since Ive never played it. Well, ..


Latest Aion Screenshots from Korea

Aion is the most visually beautiful MMORPG ever made. In this ethereal world, you will have the power to direct dynamic relationships between angels, demons and dragons to control the fate of the worl..


Aion: PAY-to-PLAY Confirmed, New Screenshots

Recently, NCsoft in Korea released its new business model of the highly anticipated MMORPG Aion Gold. The spokesman of Korean NCsoft said that AionGoldwill go Pay-to-Play in the first half of this yea..


Aion: Amazing Famous Face Collection!

Do you feel that its kind of fun to create your own character in MMOs? Everyone want to own their individuation character. But actually, we usually dont take too much time to create a character before..


Aion Subscription Fee Announced!

As we know, Aion Goldwill be released as a subscription-based game. But how much will it cost per month and how many types of cards will there be available?Finally, yesterday NCsoft announced that Aio..


MMOsite Aion Vault Live

MMOsite is proud to announce that we have established a vault for the NCsofts epic title Aion Gold. At the site, you can receive the latest information about Aion Gold, discuss in-game questions, shar..


Aion VS WoW

When we checked out the voting result and player comments relating to Recommended MMOs in November??its crystal clear that Aion Goldand WoW are becoming the focus of MMO players discussions, due to th..


Aion: Perfect Combination of Two Styles

The website of EuroGamer has released a new preview of MMORPG Aion: Tower of Eternity to show us a wonderful fantastic world. According to this article we can learn it that Aion Goldis a good combinat..


Aion: OST Video and Behind the Scenes Interview

On October 20th,the video for Aion Goldwas released on its official site to promote the original soundtrack CD which hit shelf on the same day. The video comprises two parts. One is an interview in wh..


Aion: The 12 Lords of Legend Announced!

As the Open Beta of Aion Goldis approaching, NCsoft announced the twelve Lords of legend on the official website. The main story line The Drakens were Atreias first beings, but as they grew stronger a..


Aion: English Version Will Available in Early 2009

The aiongoldfansite Aionic have provided us with this exclusive interview with Mirko Gozzo, PR of NCsoft Europe.Weve managed to interview Mirko Gozzo, Marketing Manager for Ncsoft Europe, now working ..


GC 2008: Aion: Tower of Eternity Progress Report

An MMO that gives you wings.Aion Gold: Tower of Eternity at Games Convention 2008. NCSofts Aion Goldoffersplayers a colorful, stylish visual presentation, and a few mechanics that sound interesting.Ai..


AION: Hands On!

The website of Straticshas released a hands-on article offantasyMMORPG Aion Gold: Tower of Eternity after approximately 45 minutes of uninterrupted playing inside the world of Aion Gold. The details a..


Aion Hands-On Report

Another hands-on report was released on the website of MMORPG.com wrote by its Community Manager Richard Cox on his hands-on experience with NCsoft`s highly anticipated MMORPG, Aion Gold.Now to the go..


Aion: Questions & Answers from 2nd Closed Beta

The website of AionSource released the latest QnA fromplayers who joined the CBT2about Aion Gold. What was the biggest ooo, wow! of the game for each of you?Irisviel: Graphic and music definitely. Als..


NCsoft Re-Launches Aion Website

When there are so many exciting things happening, it is hard to pick one or two topics to blog about. Aions development is progressing nicely, and will be showcased at a number of conventions in comin..


Aion: Aletheia Guild

Guild Areas and MembersAletheia is a semi-hardcore guild, which means that we will accept players that play from casual and hard-core. We will cover all areas of the game for each individuals desire. ..


Aion 3rd Closed Beta Information

The following news is a very insightful QA about Aion available over at Aion GoldSource.com. It was translated by AionSource.com member tylendel. It contains information about Closed beta 3 and much m..


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