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Props distribution in Aion

Hello players, glad to meet you in Goldicq!

Next we will provide some details gotten from other websites about props distribution in Aion that I got it from other websites!

Actually, the player can use dice or dice the way to the post the distribution of the props. It means all players have access to the entire block (all-dice) binding mode and the specified equipment, or the use of professional conduct in accordance with the dice, such as the post no matter what the props are in accordance with the allocation of the outcome of dice.

According to the agreement, these team hunting rules aion kina between the team members can have subtle changes in the nature of the content team will have to change.
The following table is a block level, only as a reference, not absolute benchmarks. Modes of distribution with small props as mentioned above, in accordance with the agreement between the team members can significantly change the content.

In addition, the bottom of the form must be so! The arrangement of the props can be Sub-unit of the composition, purpose and circumstances, as well as between team members are adjusted. Only that the era of the permanent arrangement of the majority of the props from the formation of this type, as a way to decide after they have referred.

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